Foil with Rodolphe & Ryan Born

Foil experience

If you haven’t tried foiling yet, that should be on your bucket list for sure.
This is the first filming we started to do with Ryan Borne for our long-term film project Go Slow.

Wave foil surfing was our priority to film as this sport if very very new and it’s not a common thing to see at the beach.

As I’m still learning on every sessions, we though we should try to get as much sessions as possible to make sure we could get at least some descent shots…. Lol.

It turned out to be actually pretty good from the very first session, we got some good waves, solid runs and even the money shot with the volcano island on the background that we used for some adds for this winter collection.

Foiling waves is really addicted so give it a try and let me know if you get hooked too.